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Intro to Watercolor with Jeanne Vinette

10 Mar 18:00
Class Dates: March 10, 17, and 24
3 Online – 1 ½ hour sessions
Time: 6:00-7:30 PM
Cost: $100.00
Have you ever wanted to know how artists create beautiful watercolor paintings? Now you can learn and create your own! This is a 3-day watercolor/drawing class for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of watercolor techniques and watercolor painting taught by Jeanne. In addition, you will learn how to grid enlarge your photo image so that it remains in proportion. By the end of the 3 days, you will have created a beautiful watercolor of your own! I look forward to helping all of you in your journey to becoming a watercolor artist. To register call 781-631-2608 or click here.
Day 1 – Watercolor Techniques: I will demonstrate and work alongside you in creating a watercolor chart of 10-12 watercolor techniques that you will be able to use in creating your final watercolor painting.
Day 2 – Photo Grid Enlarging: Together we will grid our 5”x 7” photograph. We will use 1”x 1” squares to grid the photo. We will then grid our final 11”x 14” watercolor paper, 2”x 2” squares. Using a viewfinder, we will begin enlarging our photo onto the watercolor paper.
Day 3 – Begin our watercolor painting: Using washes to start, we will lay in our underpainting. Once the underpainting is complete, we will build up our watercolor by utilizing the watercolor techniques that we have learned.
Supplies needed:
Pencil and eraser
Paper to make Viewfinder
Cup for water
Paper towel
Plastic wrap
Rubbing alcohol
White crayon or tape or rubber cement
5” x 7” color photo of landscape, still life, or something of interest to paint
These supplies can be found at Michael’s in-store or @ michaels.com
8 (or more) color watercolor set (Prang® Watercolor Pan Set)
watercolor brushes; #2 or 4, #6 or 8 and #10 or 12 or a set of brushes (Necessities™ Brown Synthetic Watercolor Brushes By Artist’s Loft™)
11” X 15” watercolor paper (Strathmore® 300 Series Watercolor Paper Pad) pallet (optional)

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March 10
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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