Artist Jury Application Form

Artist Member Application to Accompany Artwork for Jury Submission

  • Category of Membership (An artist may submit applications in more than one category. Each category of membership requires a separate application, application fee and requires 5 pieces of artwork).

*Technical Retouching:Photographic retouching or manipulation done either in a darkroom or with image-editing software. (adjusting contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc.)

*Creative Retouching:(often called “Photo-shopping”). Addition of multiple (original) images into the finished work. Color manipulation and transfer to B&W permitted. Use of stock images or works of others is not permitted.

  • Have you applied for the MAA Artist Membership previously?

If yes, when did you apply?

  • Do you want feedback from the jury if you are not accepted?

Please tell us why you wish to become an Artist Member at the MAA. How will you benefit as an Artist Member? How will the MAA benefit from having you as an artist member?

As primarily a volunteer organization we ask Artist Members to volunteer at MAA. Please tell us how you can help (check all that apply)

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