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Marblehead Arts Association Exhibits & Programs - April 26 - June 8

The Marblehead Arts Association (MAA) is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibit, works in varied media by talented artists. From April 26 - June 8, the efforts of John & Michele Bonner, Paula Engman, Susan Kauder, Terry Slater, Marc Schepens and Anita Cohen will be displayed in the galleries of the Arts Association, 8 Hooper Street, Marblehead. The community is welcome to enjoy this outstanding show, which will feature an Artists' Opening Reception on Sunday, April 27, 2-4pm.

Programming during this exhibit will include gallery talks, demonstrations, and artists in the gallery. Individual artist programs are listed after the description of their exhibit.

John and Michele Fandel Bonner"Take 2" - John and Michele Fandel Bonner - Oil Paintings and Fiber Art

"Take 2" is the second collaboration in a decade and reflects two very different approaches to art. John Bonner grew up in Suffolk, England not far from where John Constable, the well-known landscape painter lived and has inspired him since he was a boy. John sees himself working in a tradition that goes back to the early twentieth century and earlier, where the artists Homer, Bellows, Henri, Kent and Hopper, in the United States and Walter Sickert, Stanley Spencer, and artists of the Kitchen Sink Realism movement in England, recorded their fascination of everyday life and events.

John and Michele Fandel BonnerMichèle Bonner's work developed out of her love for the craft traditions and outsider art. She recently started to make work that steers away from utility towards the aesthetic and conceptual. Much of her work is concerned with reusing multiple objects in new ways, pulling meaning from the social and political landscape we live in right now, with threats from without and within. She follows in the footsteps of artist interested in similar themes, such as Rachel Perry Welty, Nick Cave, El Anatsui and many anonymous outsider artists.

Because Michèle both runs a knitting group at Lifebridge homeless shelter in Salem and sources much her materials from its Thrift Shop, she wanted to give back to the institution that has given her so much. Twenty five percent of all proceeds from our work will be donated to Lifebridge.

Programming: Gallery Talk with John Bonner, Saturday, May 3, 2pm Artist in the Gallery with Michele Fandel Bonner, Saturday, June 7, 1-3pm

Paula Engman  Acrylic Painting"People, Real and Imagined" - Paula Engman - Acrylic Painting

Paula Engman's reason for painting is the pleasure of achievement and going beyond herself. In this recent work of people real and imagined reflect the moods their life experiences. Grabbing this essence is key to this artist's painting with possibilities with endless, transparency over transparency, thick or thin paint fast drying is the perfect media for Engman to capture those fleeting facial nuances.

Programming: Artist in the Gallery, Paula Engman, Saturday, May 17, 2pm

Susan Kauder  Mixed Media"Collage: New Directions" - Susan Kauder - Mixed Media

Design and balance have always been very important to Susan Kauder, which she explores through this new body of work in collage. Working on collages is like solving a puzzle and it only comes together when the final piece fits. Kauder spends contemplative time giving her work a title. She has to really look at a piece and listen to what it is saying. Titles are a vignette into the piece and catch the eye of the observer inviting them to take a closer look. Kauder spends many hours in her studio during the week. When she walks into the room, a feeling of peace comes over her. It is a sensation that she never feels anywhere else and it sets the mood for the beginning of the day.

Programming: Artist in the Gallery, Susan Kauder, Sunday, May 18, 2pm

Terry Slater  Mixed MediaCoastal Waters - Terry Slater - Mixed Media

"Coastal Waters" is Terry Slater's most recent exploration of the North Shore waterways. Her sensitive use of color and fine attention to detail create a gentle meandering through the marshes. Slater is influenced by the landscapes of Gustav Klimt and Peter Doig, which is evident in her subtle use of paint. Her ability to depict deep space against a vibrant foreground creates the atmospheric light of the North Shore coast. These paintings leave one with a sense of calm and tranquility.

Programming: Artist in the Gallery, Terry Slater, Saturday, May 10, 2pm

Marc Schepens: recent work  Mixed MediaMarc Schepens: recent work - Mixed Media

Marc Schepens dissects, manipulates and repurposes disused paper products to create history objects. The work presents multiple narratives: that of the material, the anonymity of multiple hands, that of the object and its making and perhaps one greater... A chronicle of a human world once recorded and transcribed on paper.

Programming: Artist in the Gallery, Marc Schepens, Sat., May 10, 2pm

Nature's Portraits - Anita Cohen - Watercolor"Nature's Portraits" - Anita Cohen - Watercolor

For Anita Cohen, all of Nature is art. What is a linden leaf in autumn if not Nature's painting? Greens, blues, yellows, reds oranges in symmetrical design! Her love for nature has impacted her whole life. Her passion is to paint nature up close - she thinks of this as painting 'portraits'. Watercolors are a natural medium for Cohen. They allow her to capture the delicacy and femininity of flowers as well as the graceful curves and subtle color variations in leaves. Cohen also works with pastels. The intrinsic nature of the medium helps her create paintings which are both soft and strong with velvety richness. Cohen believes that the space which surrounds objects is not empty space, but an 'atmosphere' which she interprets by blending and layering color. This interpretation of space is one of her signatures.

Programming: Demonstration: The Space Between the Flowers, Anita Cohen, Sunday, May 4, 2pm

Demonstration: Painting Flowers, Anita Cohen, Saturday, May 31, 1pm

Winter Gallery hours are Wednesday - Friday & Sunday, noon-5pm and Saturday, 10-5pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday. For more information, please contact or 781-631-2608.

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